Well with my soul!

My path was confusing
so I looked up to you
My questions flowing
day and night from my heart
I wanted to know when
will my peace ever come?
I needed your help to restore my soul
Being alone in this scary world
taught me the secret of TRUSTING in God
When I made the world an idol
you shook my world to restore my vision
When Satan told me lies to keep me in bed
you turned my mourning into dancing again.
That gave me courage to believe
I found hope in you and started to search
So, I sought you, prayed to you & cried Abba
You heard me and were found Alpha & Omega
When my knees stopped kneeling,
And my heart failed trusting,
When I didn't stay in your word,
It crumbled my world.
But it was to teach me
the secret of your life that
as a Christian I have to be consistent
Thank you father for your unfailing love
for bringing me thus far
And for what's about to come.
I owe it all to you
and rejoyce in your Son.
It is well with my soul
Today I will say
because Christ lives in me
and I am walking by faith!


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