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Who are you?

I had a fun evening with one of my close girl friends last night and we got talking about our experiences with dating and what we've learned through all those unique people that came into our lives. It got me thinking about the reason that I had decided not to continue with almost all of these men was because I realized that they had an idea of the woman they wanted to be with and whether it is knowingly or unknowingly they tried to make me change to fit their mold. Now, I'm not opposed to changing of Character, growing to know myself more and realizing my areas of growth as a person so that I may serve the Lord better. BUT, Most of these people just wanted something different that I couldn't offer and instead of fighting to hold on to them and change myself I chose to let them go, and I PRAISE the Lord for allowing me to recognize that whom he is making me to be is more valuable than a life-long partner I so longed to have.

What I wanted to share today is not about how…

Not my will but your will be Done!

What a hard prayer to pray? It wasn't till God started opening up my eyes to the true purpose of my calling into his kingdom that I started learning to pray this prayer. I mean as a young believer for me it was about "being more spiritual", memorizing more verses, sharing the Gospel with others, alway being on a spiritual high...which was amazingly great but kindda wasn't what truly goes on in this journey with the Lord. I discovered that even though this is all wonderful and great but the CHARACTERS of Christ being manifested in my being was the most important thing I could ever capture. These characters also don't just appear in me because I "believe" but because I constantly choose to walk in complete obedience.

There are times that I pray sooooo hard that I feel like God is going to just show up and magically fulfill all my dreams, but in reality that is not the case and "The purpose of prayer is that we get a hold of God, not of the answe…