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Things I love

Things I love,Lindor TrufflesPink flowers (roses & Gerber daises)Wake up to birds chirping & sunlight through my windowThe beach, Mountains & Trees…HawaiiTo imagine God’s gentle and loving hands over me.Reading about a story of a girl (who ever, where ever, when ever, but I love to imagine I’m that girl on a journey)Music that tells a story…about God, life, emotions…something that has meaningMy family….I love them to pieces, all of them, my immediate family, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, almost about 50 of them.Love them like crazy. My best friend in the whole world and love of my life Ermiye...He's a gift from heaven and the joy of my heart.Ethiopia…I love Ethiopia because I know I’m unique in the way I think and live my life because of my life experience there.What a beautiful place. Friends, I advise you to visit ;)I love to learn…new things…activities, I love knowing how people think, why they chose to do the things they do.I love to write there for, I love Jour…