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Learn to sign!

If you've ever talked to a mother who has raised infants, she'll tell you the most helpless thing for her is to not be able to help her baby who is crying because he is frustrated out of wanting something but not being able to say it because he is not able to speak. To avoid this frustration on both ends, mothers have started teaching their kids sign language to give them tools to help them in expressing their feelings. By signing they can say, I'm hungry, I'm tired or I want more food. This enables mom to be helpful to her baby and the baby is a much happier one.
At times, I throw a fit at God because I don't know how to verbalize what's going on in my heart. I find myself frustrated, wondering why God would not answer when I don't even know what I'm crying about or even articulate what I'm crying about to him. As a woman in God's kingdom the biggest tool we can develop is understanding our own emotions so we can "sign to God". …