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ACTS of living for YOU

I'm reading through the book of ACTS in the Bible and have been extremely amazed by how the apostles lived their lives and died for what they believed in. Jesus was not a story in the Bible nor was He a means to an end to these people, He was REAL to them. They touched Him, saw Him, experienced His love and grace and they couldn't stop but SPEAK of His Kingdom. He was REAL to them, He was no fuzzy image in their minds, nor was He a moral police, He was REAL to them.
I want you Christ, to awaken my soul, make yourself REAL to me as you have made yourself known to your disciples. I want to see life in your sight and do things your way, I want to serve you Lord, not because it's the Holiest thing to do but because YOU deserve to be served with all I've got and I am. Lord, satisfy my hunger for your love by making yourself known to me. Show me how to live like you have lived, to love like you've loved, to serve like you've served and to be where you are. I ha…