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Well with my soul!

My path was confusing
so I looked up to you
My questions flowing
day and night from my heart
I wanted to know when
will my peace ever come?
I needed your help to restore my soul
Being alone in this scary world
taught me the secret of TRUSTING in God
When I made the world an idol
you shook my world to restore my vision
When Satan told me lies to keep me in bed
you turned my mourning into dancing again.
That gave me courage to believe
I found hope in you and started to search
So, I sought you, prayed to you & cried Abba
You heard me and were found Alpha & Omega
When my knees stopped kneeling,
And my heart failed trusting,
When I didn't stay in your word,
It crumbled my world.
But it was to teach me
the secret of your life that
as a Christian I have to be consistent
Thank you father for your unfailing love
for bringing me thus far
And for what's about to come.
I owe it all to you
and rejoyce in your Son.
It is well with my soul
Today I will say
because Christ lives in me
and I am walking by faith!

One man's Sin .... and another's Rightousness!

I was reading Joshua 6-8 this morning and was literally shocked by the 7th chapter which talks about Achan's Sin. After the Israelites had won the city of Jerico and burnt everything except the devoted things to God that God asked to be placed in his house, Achan had desired some of God's things and taken some for himself.

When Joshua sent out 3,000 men agains Ai, they came defeated and Joshua was bitter towards God. He questioned God's purpose in the Israelite's lives(why did you bring us to the other side of Jordan?) but God said you were defeated b/c you've sinned againest me and not obeyed what I've asked for. One of your men has taken what is mine....of course the story changes after Joshua identifies who did this wrong and puts the right punishment upon him, they move ahead and win their battle.

This hit me though, as I reflect upon my own heart I couldn't help but wonder...of course it's when I sin and try to hide my sin that God's will depar…

Not I but Christ!

I got saved when I was a little girl, but realized that I had to personally surrender my life to Christ and make the decision to follow him everyday when I was 16. And so I did, rededicated my life to Christ at 16 and started the wonderful journey of a Christian. The reason I found it necessary to rededicate my life to Christ was because I saw how I was not really living for him but was using him as a spare access to things I wanted. I would ask God, "can I have this...or that?" and I thought God was this "Santa Clause" who distributes things that I want and then it's up to me to do with them whatever I felt like doing.

I found out that was not true and saw my need for a savior at a critical time in my life. After that full surrender to Christ, I won't be lying if I say I remember mostly everything that he did in my life. I suddenly stopped asking him for material things and started desiring to know him more and to live for his glory, because life made sense…


I, I, I, me, me, me, I like, I want, I need, I would rather... that's what my world is like when I lift my eyes off the one who gave his life for my sake. Okay, so He's done the ultimate sacrifice for "ME" and because there is nothing more that could be done for "ME" when he died on the cross he said "It is finished" know what's finished, the story of my flesh, my sins, my selfishness... now the next chapter is opened and it's about HIM, no more I because "I no longer live but Christ lives in me"Gal 2:20.... but ...umm... question? If, I'm dead for sin and alive for Christ why do I still worry about me, what makes me happy, or makes me look good, or what comforts me, what my plan is... maybe, because I'm so quick to forget the beauty of God's majesty? Because I reward myself before the job is done and stop praying before I get the answer? what do you think?

You know, If I spend a good amount of time praying toda…

To Obey is better than Sacrifice!

God is such a clear direction giver but I am such a confused follower. Because I want both what my flesh sees and what God sees for my life, I often get confused and second guess God's clear request for me to obey him. I forget that "to obey is better than sacrifice" 1Samuel 15:22 you know why? because with obedience comes a deeper understanding of who Christ is, which gives me the knowledge to live in light of eternity.

My delimma is mostly between two really good choices. God gives me a choice that I know is perfect for my life but totally uncomfortable and a bit crazy seeming for the moment. My flesh directs me to a choice that is logically correct and absolutely right for the moment, or at least it seems but it's answer is just for the moment not for eternity. I get torn between the spiritual and the logical, my brain tells me "do it now, make your choice, you don't want to pass the deadline, because a chance like this might never be gained." My God …


Hebrew 11:1 "Faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see" how crazy is that in this materialistic world? How can one be sure of what he/she hopes for and certain of what is not seen when everything around him/her says the polar opposite? For me being filled with the Holy Spirit continuously and reading the word daily is the only thing that gives me the strength to have faith. Faith is absolutely spiritual and cannot be done without the help of the Spirit.

As Christians we need to realize it is impossible for us to have faith without being filled with the word of God. "Faith comes by hearing and hearing from the word of God." Rom 10:17 Faith is not something we can only do sometimes when we are filled with that absolutely beautiful feeling in our hearts with the spirit and when everything is going smoothly, but also it is something we ought to do while in harship and when it seems like all hope is gone. If our faith is based on His word …

Waiting on the Lord!!

"Waiting", is my least favorite word I think in the whole English Dictionary! It so happens that the Love of my life, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ absolutely believes in the waiting period in a believers life. does that work? I want to follow him, live for him, glorify him in all I do, actully I have surrendered my entire being to him who says "be still and know that I am God". Oh what a frustrating thing it is to just wait, it tries my patience and brings me to a point where I realize I can do nothing without God, I can't even "wait" without him.

It's Ironic, hu? Well, I am learning to wait on him while I'm still fully living in Today! Mainly because I am not called to live for tomorrow but in today looking forward to Tomorrow because it's assured that more of God's attributes will be revealed to me through that.

I love the Lord with all my heart, my soul and my mind and I pray that as I wait on him, I would grow to lo…

Sweet times with Jesus!

Sometimes I completely forget who I live for and start searching for truth in 'things' and 'people' around me. It's amazing how your insecurities can blind you and make you a prisoner that is craving for others attention and approval. I think sometimes we tie ourselves up with worries and burdens that we're not called to carry AT ALL.

Lately, I've been so satisfied with the Lord's presence in my life but something was missing, as if the light was not switched on all the way and I was feeling my way towards his presence and will for my life. I see Him working in my life, I see Him leading me, I have peace about where He's taking me but still I couldn't taste His sweetness. You know the quiet, still, sweet voice that speaks truth into your heart and calms your spirit completely...the spirit that affirms who you are in Christ is enough and nothing else you can gain or others 'assign' to you would make you any better or less...that spirit th…