Waiting on the Lord!!

"Waiting", is my least favorite word I think in the whole English Dictionary! It so happens that the Love of my life, my Lord and savior Jesus Christ absolutely believes in the waiting period in a believers life. Hmmmmm...how does that work? I want to follow him, live for him, glorify him in all I do, actully I have surrendered my entire being to him who says "be still and know that I am God". Oh what a frustrating thing it is to just wait, it tries my patience and brings me to a point where I realize I can do nothing without God, I can't even "wait" without him.

It's Ironic, hu? Well, I am learning to wait on him while I'm still fully living in Today! Mainly because I am not called to live for tomorrow but in today looking forward to Tomorrow because it's assured that more of God's attributes will be revealed to me through that.

I love the Lord with all my heart, my soul and my mind and I pray that as I wait on him, I would grow to look more like Christ and not like the world! I pray that I wouldn't settle for a mediocre life but for the eternal purpose of my calling, to be like Christ and to bring others to him through the beautiful aroma that captured my heart once and for all.

Lord, help me to wait upon you!



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