Things I love

Things I love,

Lindor Truffles

Pink flowers (roses & Gerber daises)

Wake up to birds chirping & sunlight through my window

The beach, Mountains & Trees…Hawaii

To imagine God’s gentle and loving hands over me.

Reading about a story of a girl (who ever, where ever, when ever, but I love to imagine I’m that girl on a journey)

Music that tells a story…about God, life, emotions…something that has meaning

My family….I love them to pieces, all of them, my immediate family, my aunts and uncles, my cousins, almost about 50 of them. Love them like crazy.

My best friend in the whole world and love of my life Ermiye...He's a gift from heaven and the joy of my heart.

Ethiopia…I love Ethiopia because I know I’m unique in the way I think and live my life because of my life experience there. What a beautiful place. Friends, I advise you to visit ;)

I love to learn…new things…activities, I love knowing how people think, why they chose to do the things they do.

I love to write there for, I love Journals…I think I’m a collector of journals because I have quite a few that I’ve accumulated over the years. If I go to Barnes and Nobel I’m bound to pick one up because being in that atmosphere makes me want to write but since I don’t carry around my journal I’ll just buy one J

I express myself through writing but I always forget to carry a small journal with me so you’ll find some kind of writing in my purse, back pack, pocket or wallet.

I love to write to God, most of my prayers are written because that’s how I connect to the Lord.

My friends…Oh my, they’re an extension of my family. You know who you are ;) I think I’m the most blessed person when it comes to having so many quality people in my life, quality meaning people who choose to live for the Lord and inspire others to do the same. It’s ridiculous how many of those I have in my life.

I want to write a book, don’t ask me about what cuz I have so many things /topics in mind. But I hope you’ll buy my book(s) one day ;)

My dream is to go back home and help people believe in themselves. I want to see the gentle hands of Jesus touch the poor and the weak, satisfy their spiritual hunger as well as their physical needs which is apparent.

I know God has a unique plan in my life and sometimes I feel lonely to carry it alone but then I remember what Dr. K told me, Eagles soar alone for a long time ;) and it encourages me to be an eagle in God’s kingdom.


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