40 years for a 40 days long trip.

Wow, it just made sense last night. I was sitting in the metro, coming back from Eastern Market and It hit me in the long train ride - it took me 2 years to get to where God wanted me instead of one.

You see God had offered me an opportunity to take 2 years ago to serve him fully but I wasn't ready to give up my "career". I was a new college graduate who wanted to explore Washington, DC and see what's out there for me. God had opened up a door for me to serve him at a church in full time ministry which by the way has been my passion since I could remember, but I said no thank you. I wanted to see what's out there, so he let me but lead me back to the church again.

But this time not in full time ministry as I had always felt called to do. It was as a support to the full time ministry. Hmmm....very humbling. I supported knowing that I was placed here for character building. Was it productive? YES! I finally got it, it's like David serving Saul even though he knew he was called to be king. Humility is learned not inborn.

I am now fully surrendering my life to the Lord, that he may use me as he pleases, full time or not. I'm all his. Lord I thank you for allowing me to see your will sooner than later.

I love you,


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